Monday, May 5, 2014

Cool fall courses about spying from the Department of Information and Library Science

Learn to spy!


Fall 2014:  INFO I399 (34681, 34682, or 34683)

How would you know if the zombie apocalypse was really here?

Is James Bond a spy or a covert operations agent?

Did you believe that mermaids were real after you saw “Mermaids: The Body Found” on Animal Planet? How would you keep the government from snooping on you? Ever wonder how to imbed a listening device into a cat? How do you crash a web site? Who is Anonymous? What is the “Information Age”? How would you use social media to analyze a war or your friends’ behavior?

Learn to spy on the spies!

I399 Topics: Moles, Deception, and Counterintelligence

Fall 2014:  INFO I399 (34819)

Does Jack Bauer on the TV show 24 really have to beat people almost to death to protect the U.S. from terrorists?

Does NSA data collection on US citizens create a police state?

Far from being only a defensive activity counterintelligence includes disrupting adversaries’ information flow or disseminating disinformation intended to make adversaries take action contrary to their own interests. Unlike security, which is intended to simply prevent adversaries’ access to information, persons, objects, and territory, counterintelligence may invite the adversary in to increase knowledge of their capabilities and intentions, or to create a veil of deception to fool the enemy. Counterintelligence can be offensive as well as defensive.

Spying Master Class!

I399 Topics: Strategic Intelligence

Fall 2014:  INFO I399 (34815)

What key mistakes did the CIA and FBI make before 9/11?

Will Iran soon exceed China as the world’s cyber-espionage enemy?

Strategy is not a plan, it is a perspective for previewing innovation and imagination in policy, business, NGOs, national security, and the military. Unfortunately, our normal habits of thought prevent us from being able to see past the quotidian to what could prevent the next big attack or help us take advantage of the next big thing.