Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seats Still Open in CMCL-C 435 Documentary Filmmaking

I just wanted to let you know that there are still a number of seats available in CMCL’s documentary filmmaking class for the fall (CMCL-C 435, 4 cr). If you have any previous production experience, then please consider this class for the fall.

Acceptable previous production experience includes courses in CMCL like C360 Motion Picture Production or C335 Production as Criticism. Production experience through Telecommunications (e.g., TEL-T 283 Introduction to Production Techniques and Practices) is also fine.

Here is a short course description:

What makes a documentary a documentary? Its subject matter?Stylistic or technical features? The fact that it uses real peopleand not actors (most of the time, that is)? This course willexplore these and other questions as it traces the history ofdocumentary film practice. We will study the major American andEuropean documentary movements through film screenings and readings,and we will engage the styles discussed in a series of hands-onexercises. Aside from these exercises, there will be severalquizzes, a midterm, and three short papers/journals. This will be an intense seminar, involving plenty of reading, filmviewing, writing, and creative work. The goal of the class is togain a critical understanding of some fundamental concepts involvedin documentary filmmaking, such as realism, evidence, voice, ethics,etc. The production exercises will be completed in the miniDVformat, which has become the medium of choice for many documentaryfilmmakers.

Specific questions about the course should be directed to the instructor, Robert Clift (

This course requires permission. To obtain permission, you can call me (855-5443) or Amy (855-2367).