Thursday, August 2, 2007

Film Indiana

From Greg Waller, Chair of CMCL:

I want to let you know about the plans for Film Indiana, the upcoming conference sponsored by CMCL with funding from a New Perspectives grant and from the College of Arts & Sciences. Here's the link:

The conference is scheduled for Sept 14-15 and will include three public screenings of films from IU's impressive (and under-appreciated) archival film holdings. The Friday evening screening at the Fine Arts auditorium will feature historic erotica from the Kinsey; the Saturday afternoon screening at the Wittenberg auditorium will feature rarely seen Hollywood shorts from the David Bradley Collection, and the Saturday evening screening at the Buskirk-Chumley will feature a series of 1940-1950s films from the vaults of IU's world-class collection of instructional films.

We have two first-rate keynote speakers, Tom Gunning and Haidee Wasson, and I am delighted to announce that Jim Naremore has agreed to give a paper on his Kubrick research. It should be a excellent event, with no overlapping sections, plenty of screenings, ample time for conversation, and at least one very nice reception. I invite you to attend.