Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Area of Internship: Marketing
Date of Internship: January 10-April 30
Location of Internship:  Bloomington, IN

Brief Description of Company or Organization:  Rock Paper Scissors is a marketing and publicity company for world music.  Artists contact the company and Rock Paper Scissor's job is to get that artist name out there.  They only accept about half of the Artist that contact them, because they want high quality if there company's name is going to be behind the artist.  The company is based in Bloomington but they have clients from all types of genres all over the world.  They have had work published in sources such as The Rolling Stones, National Public Radio, New York Times syndicate, Billboard, CMJ and many more.  Rock Paper Scissors provides promotion for various artist through extended mediums.    

Brief Description of Internship Responsibilities: My responsibilities as an intern will be to send out demos of artists to different media companies, maintain social media for Rock Paper Scissors, search for new and upcoming artists that could be potential clients, maintain the company's website and learn the overall responsibilities of maintaining the company.  

Contact Information:
Address: 511 W. 4th St.  Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812-339-1195