Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Script Writing Course for Summer

T331 Prerequisite: TEL-T 206 will be waived if you have successfully completed: ENG-W 131, CMCL-C 190 or THTR script.

To receive permission to register, please email Susan Kelly directly at skelly@indiana.edu

 Script Writing (14042)

8 May - 31 May 2012
10.20 - 12.30 M - F

T331 is an introductory script writing class that focuses on reading, watching, evaluating, and writing the narrative script.  As the cornerstone of television and film production, the script acts as a blueprint for the final creative project. Understanding the role the script plays in the collaborative process that defines film and television production is therefore the primary goal for this class.  To understand the fundamentals of script writing, we will read and evaluate film and television scripts, and then watch the produced projects. We will specifically analyze theme, story structure, characters, conflict, dialogue, scene description, and script formatting.   Students will also practice script writing by writing a short original script based on pre-existing characters from a television series. TV series include Firefly and Lost; films range from Lars and the Real Girl to Avatar.

The class immediately prepares students for entry level script coverage positions in the entertainment industry, and for future jobs as staff writers on television series, feature film writers, and development positions.