Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer course on Public Leadership, PACE-C 210

Here is an interesting and engaging small course during the summer that will use many ‘hands-on,’ experiential learning methods.

Students have commented to the instructor, “I thought I knew about leadership, but then after taking this course, I realized how much more there was to know.”

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PACE-C 210 Public Leadership, instructor: Lisa-Marie Napoli. Meets 10:20 AM – 12:10 PM MTWR, S&H

Open to any interested student during second 6 week session, June 18 – July 27,

How do leaders create change? What is YOUR leadership style? Explore these questions and more.

What makes a public leader in America? Who are they and what impact do they have on democratic and civil society? This course looks at leadership through the lenses of theory and practice, providing opportunities for students: to analyze public leadership through readings, films, exercises and discussions; to consider and practice communication and behavioral skills; and to reflect on personal development as the next generation of public leaders. C210 is a core course requirement for the certificate in Political and Civic Engagement, counts as ‘inside the College’ credit for majors in the College of Arts & Sciences, and is a Gen. Ed. as well as CASE S&H course. See http://pace.indiana.edu

Joelene Bergonzi, Associate Director

Political and Civic Engagement Program -- PACE

Indiana University, Ballantine Hall 132

812-856-1747 (call office for appointment)