Tuesday, May 8, 2012

rock paper scissors needs one more summer intern in Bloomington!

We are rock paper scissors, inc. (www.rockpaperscissors.biz), Bloomington’s only world music publicity firm! We are a dynamic business and enjoy having students in to learn more about the publicity and music business.

All Interns work on a variety of tasks including mailings, updating our website (no HTML required), maintaining the CD library, and special projects. Internships are unpaid, though there are occasional mailings for which interns are compensated.  Some experience in Microsoft Office programs (Word and Excel) would be helpful.

Interns are assigned to specific duties within our organization, such as:

-Backing up a publicist (research...web searches for new outlets, writers, etc; researching outlets in a specific tour market, entering data into our database, etc.)

-backing up our office manager (editing pictures in PhotoShop, building out job assignments, research, adding new clients to our database, etc.)

-backing up our press release writer and sales manager (fact checking, research, marketing, web searching for new clients, etc.)

-backing up our CEO (marketing, blog maintaining, research, etc.)

-backing up our sister company (FlipswitchPR & StoryAmp) manager (a little bit of all the above)

...and of course other wild and wacky assignments might arise!

We currently have one spot open for the summer session and it will be backing up a publicist.  Interns are asked to commit a minimum of ten hours per week, and we rely on you to be here… please don’t continue with this process if you have school or work commitments that might keep you from being here consistently and on a regular schedule.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Submit resumes to Scott Phillips at scott@rockpaperscissors.biz
scott phillips
office manager
rock paper scissors, inc.
511 west 4th street, suite 2
bloomington, indiana  47404 usa
Ph: 812.339.1195 fax: 801.729.4911
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