Friday, May 4, 2012

A wonderful summer course still has seats: Language(s) and Lord of the Rings

Linguistics L210 CASE S&H

(#13629; three credits; no prerequisites of any kind)

Language(s) and

Lord of the Rings

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 3pm-5:10pm

Sycamore Hall [SY], Room 105

2nd-4-Weeks course:  June 04 (Mon.)- 29 (Fri.)

For more information, please contact the instructor, Dr. Richard  Janda (Dept. of Linguistics), by e-mail­ - or by phone:  (812) 855-2702

[office], (812) 335-8943 [home], (812) 606-9170 [cell].

Linguistics L210, "Language(s) & LOTR"-

This course  focuses  on  the ways in which J.R.R. Tolkien's

fascination with  the  nature and  history  of language(s)  can be found  on virtually every  page of The Lord of the Rings, largely  making it the  work  it is.  As Tolkien  stressed: "To me, a name  comes first  and  the story  follows".   The course considers not only the invented  languages  used in the book, but also its relative  avoidance of words  not descended  from Old  English  or other Germanic languages  (like Old  Norse). Tolkien's employment of sociolinguistic  differences  as a way to set apart the various ethnic  groups  and social classes also receives well-deserved attention. Becoming acquainted with one scholar's dedication to  the study  of real  languages  no longer  spoken, and  with  his passion for inventing  languages and  cultures, thus  leads  to a greater understanding of the principles behind   the  structure and  the  functioning of all languages, both  ancient and  modern.    But  it also  provides greater insight  into  how LOTR  is put together, and  into why

it has had such  broad and  lasting  appeal.

Linguistics L210, "Language(s) & The Lord of the Rings"­

imposes no prerequisites of any kind,

assumes no background  in languages or linguistics,

and requires no previous familiarity with book- or movie­

versions of J.R.R. Tolkien's  The Lord of the Rings (often

abbreviated LOTR or LotR).