Monday, February 4, 2013

Upcoming Information Session for CLLC-L 230 Permaculture (Summer 2013)

Information Session for:


                            LLC L230 Permaculture:  Learning through Nature


Wednesday, February 6th, 5:30pm

Collins LLC Coffeehouse

pizza and drinks provided


The course will take place from May 19th through June 2nd at the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice in Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana (located west of Terre Haute on the far side of the Wabash River).  Besides me, the course will be taught by Peter Bane, Keith Johnson (two of the best Permaculture teachers in the country who are former residents of the Permaculture eco-village Earthaven and are the publishers of the Permaculture Activist, the only Permaculture magazine in North America), and Rhonda Baird (a talented young Permaculture practitioner and teacher from the forests of southern Indiana). 


Permaculture, for those who know little about it, is a design technique for creating sustainable human communities that are in harmony with the natural environment.  It is a rapidly growing and internationally recognized design system for creating better ways of living with our life support systems and with each other.  It is a set of principles and techniques that aim to create ecologically sound, economically prosperous, and spiritually rich human communities.  This course provides students with innovative conceptual tools and the chance to view the future from many different angles.  This is a unique opportunity for hands on experience in a class at Indiana University.


Students who complete this course not only get three hours of IU credit, but also receive their certification in Permaculture, which enables them to practice and teach the art and science of Permaculture. The course will take place on the grounds of the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, located on the edge of the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods campus.  In addition to buildings left over from a 19th century self-sufficient community, the Center has 320 acres of certified organic agriculture land (including 5 acres for vegetable production), bee hives, over 60 alpacas, a swimming lake, a nature trail and woods for walking, fire pits for evening conversations and playing music, outdoor recreation and eating areas, and more.  Students will be staying in dorm rooms and classes will be held both indoors and outside.  Students must complete an application and be accepted to register for the course.  The application deadline is Monday, April 1st.  (Available at: 

Enrollment is limited to 25 students.  In addition to the 3 credit-hour tuition, an additional fee will be charged to cover transportation, food, lodging, facilities, and some course materials. Anyone wanting to know more about the course should email Prof. David Haberman at