Monday, March 31, 2014

Funny or Die Campus Ambassador

FOD is looking for next years Campus Ambassador. If you are interested please email

This very special human will act as a liaison between our world in Hollywood and your campus community. This will mean promoting our featured content, coordinating events, helping your talented, creative peers get their content on the Funny or Die Platform and a lot more...

The ideal candidat...e embodies the Funny or Die brand and can't wait to think of ways to make Funny or Die the ultimate procrastination destination. We are looking for a social chameleon with a passion for comedy who has their finger on the pulse of campus life. Of course you have to be organized, dependable, entrepreneurial, creative and a natural leader. You should probably have had a job or two in the past, and a track record for being a bad ass at organizing things and people.

This is a part time job. And if chosen you will have unparalleled access to the geniuses behind Funny or Die.

Oh, and we'll pay you.

Requirements: 5-10 hours per week. Upper classmen preferred.


Thank you!


Chelsea Connors 
House Manager, Indiana University Cinema
Campus Ambassador, Funny or Die
Communications & Culture and Telecommunications 
Indiana University, Bloomington