Monday, January 23, 2012

WIUX Spring Callout Meeting

This Wednesday, January 25th, at 9 pm WIUX will be holding their Spring Callout Meeting and we were hoping that you could spread the word on to your students. The meeting will be held in Ballantine Hall room 013. It will be a town hall style meeting and we are hoping that this one will go by very quickly. The station is looking for people who are interesting in being DJ's, yes, but we are also looking for individuals interested in sports, news, and the business side of things as well. WIUX uses all kinds of people in order to be a successful station. Some of the things we will be discussing at the meeting will be our NEW second studio and what that means for the students, our current partnership with Spirit of '68 Promotions, and Culture Shock (a free outdoor concert which is put on by the station near the end of the semester). Once again, if you could please let your students know of this event. WIUX gives great opportunities to many different students and we would like to make an impact on even more academic careers.

If students have any questions they can contact me, Katelyn Thompson, at I hope to see many new and old faces at this Wednesday's callout meeting!

Thank you for your support!


Katelyn Thompson

WIUX Spring Callout Meeting

January 25th (Wednesday)

9:00 PM

Ballantine Hall 013